Gentle Affinity Story​

Two Key Human Affinity Nutrients

Every child is born with unlimited talent, it is important to keep nurturing them with gentle and affinity nutrients. The two key Human Affinity nutrients: Goat Milk Casein Protein (Protein). sn-2*(Lipid), close to the natural needs of baby.

sn-2 Palmitate

This lipid structure is close​ to the natural nutritional​ needs of baby, supports​ absorption of key nutrients. ​

Goat Milk​ Casein Protein

A casein protein profile​ closer to lactating secretion^,​ caring for your baby gently.​

^Compared with cow’s milk
The Secret of Goat Milk ’s Affinity​

Precious and Rare​

Less than 4%​ among the world 's ​dairy production​

Compared with cow milk, the ratio of casein in goat milk is closer to lactation secretion.​

  Goat milk​ Cow milk​ Human milk​
Total casein value (g/100mL)​ 2.11 2.70 0.40
αs1 (% total casein value) 5.6 38.0 -
αs2 (% total casein value)) 19.2 12.0 -
β (% total casein value) 54.8 36 60-70

sn-2 Palmitate Five Affinity Feeding Benefits​

International infant research has shown the 5 main benefits of sn-2 Palmitate (sn-2) being in line with the natural needs of baby.​

The molecular structure of palmitic acid in triglyceride molecule

The Lipid structure mainly found in conventional formula

Palmitic acid located in the middle (sn-2 position of triglyceride molecule). This lipid structure is closer to the natural nutritional needs of children.

sn-2 Palmitate

Palmitic acid located in sn-1 and sn-3 position.

Absorption process in the intestines

The Lipid structure mainly found in conventional formula

Palmitic acid positioned at sn-1 and sn-3 are more likely to bind with Calcium, forming insoluble Calcium soaps which can be associated with hard stools.

sn-2 Palmitate

sn-2 Palmitate helps to reduce the formation of Calcium soaps

The above information is based on infant studies