ILLUMA® keeps at the leading edge, empowering ultimate human affinity

ILLUMA® believes every child is born with unlimited potential.  We are dedicated to unveil the mystery of human milk and have been keeping at the leading edge, replicating as nature intended with revolutionary technologies. We therefore developed our "HUMAN AFFINITY® Formula", the only formula in Hong Kong that exclusively integrates 3 key nutrients* found in lactating secretion, "Human Milk Oligosaccharide HMO", "sn-2 Palmitate" and "α-Lactalbumin", empowering ultimate human affinity. We believe that every innovation brings breakthrough to your baby's extraordinary development, helping him to grow naturally and unleash his innate talent.


HUMAN AFFINITY® Formula ǀ Unleash Self-Immunity

Unveil the Ultimate HUMAN AFFINITY® Power in the 3 key nutrients


Harnessing advanced technology, ILLUMA® presents “Human Milk Oligosaccharide HMO”*, a revolutionary ingredient which is structurally identical to a ingredient in lactating secretion.

HMO is an important breakthrough in the area of baby nutrition study and nutrition researches in the recent century. This HMO is naturally present in lactating secretion. It is the 3rd largest solid component secreted by mothers during lactation, after lactose and lipids.

Innovative technology was the key to reconstruct lipids into the rare and body-friendly ingredient sn-2*. The molecular structure of this precious lipid follows a child’s natural nutritional needs more closely.

α-Protein* (α-Lactalbumin) is the predominant whey protein in lactating secretion. HUMAN AFFINITY® nutrition, follows babies' natural nutritional needs


*According to Wyeth Nutrition's internal data. Comparing with product nutrition labels of Stage 4 formula milk of major brands in Hong Kong as of Oct 2018; Only ILLUMA® Stage 4 simultaneously contains lactating secretion nutrients 2'-Fucosyllactose (a type of HMO, not from human milk): 0.025g/100mL, sn-2 Palmitate: 0.34g/100mL, and Alpha Lactalbumin: 0.16g/100mL