HUMAN AFFINITY® Goat Milk Formula

Important Advice for Mothers


Breast-feeding Breast milk is the best for babies and provides the best nutrition and protection from illness for your baby. For most infants, breast milk is all that is needed for the first 6 months. Many mothers continue to breast-feed after 6 months and then give other foods as well. For advice on breast-feeding, consult your doctor or any other health professional, or a friend or relative who has successfully breastfed. Frequent feeding is the best way to establish and maintain a good milk supply. A well balanced diet, both during pregnancy and after delivery, also helps sustain and adequate supply of breast milk.
Advice especially for the working mothers Your baby can still receive the benefits of breast milk even if you go out to work. Partial breast-feeding is better that bottle-feeding completely, so continue to breast-feed even if you have been advised to give other foods. If you sleep with your baby, he will breast-feed during the night without disturbing you. Before you leave home in the morning and again when you return, breast-feed your baby. When mixed feeding, always offer the breast before giving other foods.
Remember: Breast milk is the best and most economical food for your baby.
Seek advice The use of foods which are not intended for young babies can be harmful. Unnecessary introduction of partial bottle-feeding or other foods and drinks, will have a negative effect on breast-feeding. Therefore, always consult a health professional before introducing anything other than breast milk.
Using a breast milk substitute If a doctor or other health professional recommends a supplement to breast-feeding, or its replacement, during the first 6 months, it is preferable to use an infant formula meeting recognized quality standards.
When used correctly this supplies the nutritional needs of your baby in an easily digestible form. You will need more than 450 g per week if your baby is only bottle-fed, so keep your family circumstances and costs in mind before deciding whether to use infant formula.
As soon as your baby is old enough, feed infant formula with a cup and spoon.
    PER 100mL
Energy 能量 kcal 千卡 68 511
Protein 蛋白質 g 克 1.5 11.3
60% Whey 60% 乳清蛋白 g 克 0.90 6.8
40% Casein 40% 乳酪蛋白 g 克 0.60 4.5
Fat 脂肪 g 克 3.6 27.1
sn-2 Palmitate sn-2 棕櫚酸 g 克 0.33 2.5
Linoleic Acid 亞油酸 g 克 0.48 3.6
Alpha-Linolenic Acid  α-亞麻酸 g 克 0.039 0.29
AA 二十碳四烯酸 mg 毫克 7.0 53
DHA 二十二碳六烯酸 mg 毫克 7.0 53
Total Carbohydrates 總碳水化合物 g 克 7.4 55.6
Soluble Dietary Fiber (as Oligofructose)
水溶性膳食纖維 (低聚果糖)
g 克 0.50 3.8
Moisture 水分 g 克 90 2.0
Ash (Minerals) 灰分 g 克 0.53 4.0
Ca:P ratio 鈣:磷比   2.0 2.0
Nucleotides 核苷酸 mg 毫克 2.1 16
CMP 單磷酸胞苷 mg 毫克 1.0 7.9
UMP 單磷酸尿苷二鈉 mg 毫克 0.40 3.0
AMP 單磷酸腺苷 mg 毫克 0.32 2.4
GMP 單磷酸烏苷二鈉 mg 毫克 0.16 1.2
IMP 單磷酸肌苷二鈉 mg 毫克 0.16 1.2
Taurine 牛磺酸 mg 毫克 3.8 28
L-Carnitine 左旋肉鹼 mg 毫克 0.93 7.0
Choline 膽鹼 mg 毫克 16 121
Inositol 肌醇 mg 毫克 3.6 27
Vitamin A 維他命 A mcg 微克 RE 51 383
Beta-Carotene β-胡蘿蔔素 mcg 微克 15 114
Vitamin D3 維他命 D3 mcg 微克 1.2 8.7
Vitamin E 維他命 E mg 毫克 α-TE 0.59 4.4
Vitamin K 維他命 K mcg 微克 4.2 32
Vitamin B1 維他命 B1 mg 毫克 0.10 0.76
Vitamin B2 維他命 B2 mg 毫克 0.079 0.59
Vitamin B6 維他命 B6 mg 毫克 0.061 0.46
Vitamin B12 維他命 B12 mcg 微克 0.14 1.1
Niacin 煙酸 mg 毫克 0.50 3.8
Folic Acid 葉酸 mcg 微克 8.1 61
Pantothenic Acid 泛酸 mg 毫克 0.30 2.3
Biotin 生物素 mcg 微克 1.9 14
Vitamin C 維他命 C mg 毫克 7.2 54
Calcium 鈣 mg 毫克 34 256
Phosphorus 磷 mg 毫克 17 131
Magnesium 鎂 mg 毫克 3.4 26
Iron 鐵 mg 毫克 0.65 4.9
Zinc 鋅 mg 毫克 0.48 3.6
Copper 銅 mg 毫克 0.038 0.29
Manganese 錳 mcg 微克 1.8 14
Iodine 碘 mcg 微克 7.3 55
Sodium 鈉 mg 毫克 34 256
Potassium 鉀 mg 毫克 41 310
Chloride 氯 mg 毫克 35 262
Selenium 硒 mcg 微克 1.3 10


  • RE= retinol equivalent 視黃醇當量
  • α-TE = α-tocopherol equivalent α -生育酚當量
ILLUMA® has new packaging with special freshness features that have been designed based on insights from Moms and are well-liked by Moms.
ILLUMA®'s measuring scoop is attached to the freshness lid. This design helps solve moms' concerns about hygiene and storage of the scoop.
A leveling bar can be found in the freshness can which enhances the convenience for moms to measure accurate amount of powder.

100% imported from Ireland

Ireland is ranked no.1 in global food safety performance 1 Recognized as "Example of Quality Product" from Ireland 2 Certified Member of Origin Green 3

Remarks: 1 According to 2014 Food Safety Conference Board of Canada Report 2 Recognition from the Ireland Government 3 Initiative by Irish Food Board, and Wyeth Nutrition is a member of Origin Green