HUMAN AFFINITY® Goat Milk Formula

Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder
Suitable for Children from 1-3 Years Old

As your baby continues to develop and grow, it is important to keep nurturing him with engaging experiences and quality nutrition. ILLUMA® 3 Growing-Up Formula Goat Milk Powder with sn-2 Palmitate is an advanced growing-up formula from the experts at Wyeth Nutrition.

This unique formulation is designed to work in harmony with the human body and help fulfill your baby’s capacity for greatness.

ILLUMA® 3 Growing-Up Formula Goat Milk Powder is a gentle formula made with high quality goat milk sourced from Europe. The ILLUMA® HUMAN AFFINITY® Goat Milk Formula is made according to strict quality standards, providing the right nutrition to help support growth and development.

Only ILLUMA® 3 Goat Milk Formula contains a unique combination of:

Goat milk protein 100% European-sourced goat milk protein*.
*This formula is manufactured in facilities that produce formulas with bovine’s milk protein.
Casein protein profile A casein protein profile closer to lactating secretion^.
^Compared with cow’s milk
sn-2 Palmitate High level of sn-2 Palmitate to support absorption of key nutrients. sn-2 Palmitate is easy to absorb and mimics the structure of a natural fat at the molecular level based on our knowledge of the human body.
Nutrient bundle A nutrient bundle including vitamins A, C, D and E, iron, zinc, selenium and other ingredients including nucleotides to help support immune functions.
Important vitamins, minerals and ingredients that support your child's developmental needs:
  • Vitamin A to support visual development.
  • Choline, an essential nutrient important for neurotransmitter synthesis, which may help support brain development and memory function.
  • Vitamins D and K to support calcium absorption which helps bone mineralization.
Oligofructose Oligofructose, a prebiotic soluble fiber whichhelps support gastrointestinal health.
No added sucrose Contains naturally occurring sucrose.
    PER 100mL
Energy 能量 kcal 千卡 69 448 103
Protein 蛋白質 g 克 2.2 14.5 3.3
40% Whey 40% 乳清蛋白 g 克 0.89 5.8 1.3
60% Casein 60% 乳酪蛋白 g 克 1.3 8.7 2.0
Fat 脂肪 g 克 2.8 18.5 4.3
sn-2 Palmitate sn-2 棕櫚酸 g 克 0.31 2.0 0.46
Linoleic Acid 亞油酸 g 克 0.35 2.3 0.53
Alpha-Linolenic Acid α-亞麻酸 g 克 0.043 0.28 0.064
AA 二十碳四烯酸 mg 毫克 1.8 12 2.7
DHA 二十二碳六烯酸 mg 毫克 8.6 55.9 12.9
Available Carbohydrates
g 克 8.6 55.9 12.9
Soluble Dietary Fiber (as Oligofructose)
水溶性膳食纖維 (低聚果糖)
g 克 0.50 3.2 0.75
Moisture 水分 g 克 87 3.0 131
Ash 灰分 g 克 0.75 4.9 1.1
Ca:P ratio 鈣:磷比   1.5 1.5 1.5
Nucleotides 核苷酸 mg 毫克 1.8 12 2.8
CMP 單磷酸胞苷 mg 毫克 0.93 6.0 1.4
UMP 單磷酸尿苷二鈉 mg 毫克 0.36 2.3 0.53
AMP 單磷酸腺苷 mg 毫克 0.28 1.8 0.43
GMP 單磷酸烏苷二鈉 mg 毫克 0.14 0.93 0.21
IMP 單磷酸肌苷二鈉 mg 毫克 0.14 0.91 0.21
Taurine 牛磺酸 mg 毫克 4.8 31 7.3
Choline 膽鹼 mg 毫克 15 95 22
Inositol 肌醇 mg 毫克 4.0 26 6.0
Vitamin A 維他命 A mcg 微克 RE 56 364 84
Beta-Carotene β-胡蘿蔔素 mcg 微克 13 87 20
Vitamin D 維他命 D mcg 微克 1.5 9.8 2.3
Vitamin E 維他命 E mg 毫克 α-TE 0.39 2.5 0.58
Vitamin K 維他命 K mcg 微克 6.5 45 9.8
Vitamin B1 維他命 B1 mg 毫克 0.052 0.34 0.078
Vitamin B2 維他命 B2 mg 毫克 0.079 0.51 0.12
Vitamin B6 維他命 B6 mg 毫克 0.044 0.28 0.066
Vitamin B12 維他命 B12 mcg 微克 0.10 0.67 0.16
Niacin 煙酸 mg 毫克 0.46 3.0 0.68
Folic Acid 葉酸 mcg 微克 14 89 21
Pantothenic Acid 泛酸 mg 毫克 0.32 2.0 0.47
Biotin 生物素 mcg 微克 1.4 8.8 2.0
Vitamin C 維他命 C mg 毫克 8.1 52 12
Calcium 鈣 mg 毫克 63 410 95
Phosphorus 磷 mg 毫克 42 270 62
Magnesium 鎂 mg 毫克 4.6 30 6.9
Iron 鐵 mg 毫克 0.85 5.5 1.3
Zinc 鋅 mg 毫克 0.46 3.0 0.69
Copper 銅 mg 毫克 0.025 0.16 0.037
Manganese 錳 mcg 微克 27 177 41
Iodine 碘 mcg 微克 11 72 17
Sodium 鈉 mg 毫克 39 250 58
Potassium 鉀 mg 毫克 69 450 104
Chloride 氯 mg 毫克 53 342 79
Selenium 硒 mcg 微克 1.8 12 2.7


  • RE= retinol equivalent 視黃醇當量
  • α-TE = α-tocopherol equivalent α -生育酚當量

Switching stages or from other formula brand to ILLUMA

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
First Feeding ILLUMAor Current Milk Powder ILLUMAor Current Milk Powder ILLUMA
Third Feeding ILLUMAor Current Milk Powder ILLUMA ILLUMA


  • The milk switching table is for reference only, the exact number of feedings and the amount may differ from children to children.
  • During milk switching, as the intake amount is different, children may need one or two more feedings to satisfy their needs.
  • Please follow the reconstitution instructions on can label.
ILLUMA® has new packaging with special freshness features that have been designed based on insights from Moms and are well-liked by Moms.
ILLUMA®'s measuring scoop is attached to the freshness lid. This design helps solve moms' concerns about hygiene and storage of the scoop.
A leveling bar can be found in the freshness can which enhances the convenience for moms to measure accurate amount of powder.

100% imported from Ireland

Ireland is ranked no.1 in global food safety performance1 Recognized as "Example of Quality Product" from Ireland2 Certified Member of Origin Green

Remarks: 1 According to 2014 Food Safety Conference Board of Canada Report 2 Recognition from the Ireland Government 3 Initiative by Irish Food Board, and Wyeth Nutrition is a member of Origin Green