Organic Affinity Story

Organic Affinity Unleash Baby's Innate Talent

Every mum would do their very best and carefully select from the pure essence of nature to preserve their baby's precious innate purity, allowing their babies to grow naturally and unleash their innate talents.

Supreme Organic Quality, Protect Babies' Purity

A pure and natural organic product with certification from the European Union (EU) is required to implement the whole manufacturing production strictly in every detail, in order to ensure the purity of product.

Supreme Organic Quality, Protect Babies' Purity

IOA, an accredited organic certifying body in Ireland, which certifies products with the EU Organic Certification.
Sustainability programme established by the Irish Food Board, which is targeted to promote the harmony between humanity and nature, and protect the purity in nature and food safety.
Severely restricts the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and antibiotics. "Premium Organic Special Separation", ensuring organic ingredients are kept separated from non-organic ingredients.
Passed numerous quality checks from the raw materials, production process, packaging to the final product, and received International Certifications on Quality, Hygiene & Food Safety.

HUMAN AFFINITY® Nutrition, Follow Babies' Natural Nutritional Needs

Strictly following the EU Organic Rules, dairy cows are preferably fed with maternal milk for their first weeks of life and also organic feed.
Natural Nutritional Combination for Immunity – Zinc, Selenium, Iron, helping to support babies' immunity.
Balanced Nutritional Combination from nature – Soluble Dietary Fibre Oligofructose with prebiotic function supports the intestinal health. Vitamin D helps to support Calcium absorption and bone mineralization.